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Creating Basic Vector Text - Using Vector Layers
Part Two

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This is a basic tutorial for PSP 7 beginners to get aquainted with Vector and Vector Layers.

6. Click on the VECTOR SELECTOR tool Vector Selector tool. In the Layer Palette, while the vector layer is open and the sub-layers are showing, DOUBLE-CLICK on the first letter's sub-layer. This opens the Vector Properties of the object. You can also LEFT-CLICK and click on Properties.

Open the Vector Properties

Notice anything familiar? This property dialog box shows all the options we chose for our text. The outline/stroke, fill, line width, line style, etc. The only thing we cannot change at this point is the actual letters chosen. Once we converted the letters to shape, that cannot be edited.

BUT, everything else about the text shapes CAN be edited now.

7. Let's start with the LINE WIDTH. Change it to 5. Notice how the outline of the first letter is much thicker now.

Change the FILL color to a different color. I chose GREEN. Click OK.

8. On the layer palette, DOUBLE-CLICK the sub-layer of the next letter shape. In the Properties, change the LINE WIDTH to 4 and change the LINE STYLE to #8 DOT. Now, the second letter on our canvas changes its outline to a thick dotted line.

9. On the layer palette, DOUBLE-CLICK the sub-layer of the 3rd letter shape. In the Properties, change the FILL color to a different color. (I chose a different shade of blue). Then click on the TEXTURE for the FILL COLOR, and choose a texture.

10. This step, we will try something different. On the layer palette, CLICK ONCE on the sub-layer of the 4th letter shape. This adds a Vector Editing Box around the 4th letter on the canvas.

Use the editing handles on the top, bottom, middle and sides of the box to RESIZE, ROTATE, MOVE, SKEW, SHAPE, etc.

choose an editing handle to reshape.

*By holding down the <shift> key and the left or right handle, it will SKEW.

*By holding down the <Ctrl> key and the corner handles, it will change the PERSPECTIVE and deform the shape.

*Use the ROTATION handle in the center of the box to rotate the shape.

*Use the corner and side handles to RESIZE the shape.

*And the MOVER handle in the center of the box, moves the shape to a different position.

Always remember to use EDIT> UNDO if you ever make a mistake.

For my 4th letter shape, I am going to resize and rotate it a bit.

11. Now go through the rest of your letter shapes and do something different to each shape. Try different properties and different editing handles. If you want go back and do some more editing on the previous letter shapes, like resize or rotate.

If you want to apply any psp effects, you will have to RIGHT-CLICK on the top (non-sub-layer) Vector Layer and choose: "CONVERT TO RASTER". This converts all the shapes (sub-layers and all) to one raster layer. You can then apply a bevel, drop shadow, etc. to the text.

Make sure you save very often throughout this tutorial.

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Here's my finished image:
debbieT final image

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