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Creating a Bubble Border Background

Basic Knowledge of Layers and the Color Palette is assumed.
***Don't worry, if you don't have Eye Candy, there is a work-around.
Download the zipped file containing my seamless bubble tile***

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1. First create a new canvas. 1600w x 100h Transparent bg.

After creating the canvas, you might see the new image in less than 100% view. Click VIEW>NORMAL VIEWING (1:1) and this will now make the image window scroll.

Scroll all the way over to the far left so you can see how your border will be shaping up.

2. On your layer palette, rename Layer 1 to "bottom"

3. Choose a color for your background as your foreground color. Choose the FLOOD FILL tool psp 7 flood fill tool on the toolbox and click once on the "bottom" layer to flood fill with the foreground color.

4. Add a NEW LAYER, named "bubbles".

5. Choose the SELECTION Tool psp 7 selection tool from the toolbox, and on the Tool Options settings palette, UNCHECK Anti-Alias, Selection Type is RECTANGLE and feather is 0. (see below)

PSP 7 tool options

6. Now, Double-click the SELECTION Tool psp7 selection tool, and in the dialog box, type in the settings listed below:

PSP 7 selection area

When you click on OK, the selection MARQUEE (marching ants), will now be set to these exact dimensions on your canvas - 90x100.

7. Make sure you are on the "bubble" layer, and FLOOD FILL with the same foreground color. You won't notice much of a difference on your canvas.

Now would be a good time to SAVE your image.

At this point if you don't have Eye Candy, go to step 8a.

8. Click EFFECTS>PLUGIN>EYE CANDY>WATER DROPS. These are the settings that I used.

eye candy 4000 settings

When you click OK, the bubbles will be added to the selection as a seamless tile.

8a. This step is for those who do not have Eye Candy. Did you unzip the Bubble.zip? Remember where you saved the seamless "bubble_tile.jpg" and open it in PSP.

Change the foreground color swatch to PATTERN (click for color palette help). Click the Pattern swatch to open the Pattern Dialog Box. Move the Scroll Lever all the way to the top of the list of patterns. You will find all the opened images on your workspace, along with all the other saved patterns. Choose the bubble_tile swatch.

psp 7 pattern
Note: make sure to use 100% SCALE, ANGLE 0.

Now, flood fill your selection. The seamless bubble tile should fit nicely into the 90x100 selection marquee.

Okay, we are all on the same page now....Here is my image so far:

psp eye candy bubble

Onto PART 2

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