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Creating a Bubble Border Background

Part Two

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9. Add a NEW LAYER, name it "left"

10. Double-click the SELECTION Tool psp selction tool - now type in these settings:

psp selection area

Click OK. The size of the selection MARQUEE will now be 10x100 and located on the left side of your border.

11. Choose a complimentary color for your FOREGROUND color swatch. Since my background is shades of purple, I am choosing a dark purple. You might also consider black or white.

12. Now choose a TEXTURE for your foreground. (Additional Color Palette Help) I am using the DITHER 75pct texture. A GRID or WEAVE texture would work well also.

13. Choose the FLOOD FILL Tool psp flood fill, and click on in the selection on your canvas. The foreground colored texture should fill the selected area.

14. Now let's add to the right side of the border. Add NEW LAYER, named "right".

15. Double-click the SELECTION Tool, and use these settings:

psp selection area

16. Now a selection MARQUEE will be located on the right of your border. Choose the FLOOD FILL Tool and fill with the same color and texture as the left side.


Excellent! Your background is finished.

Experiment with different seamless tiles and different borders. Here is one of my experiments.

Thanks to everyone for their support!

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