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Border and Seamless Tiled BACKGROUNDS Available for download!

Paint Shop Pro 7 Beginner Tutorials
Try these first if you are a PSP 7 Newbie

Customizing Paint Shop Pro 7 Toolbar
Newbies start here first.

Beginning Layers
For Beginners - Newbies!
Adding and Working with Layers

Paint Shop Pro 7 Color Palette & Text
For Beginners - Newbies!
Color, Gradients &Textures
Text Dialog Box

Screen Capture
Beginner - using the Screen Capture
for authoring your own tutorials

Bubble Border Background
A Beginner Tutorial
*Optional: Eye Candy 4000

USA Border Background
A Beginners Tutorial.

Inset Text
A Beginners Tutorial.

Paste Into Selection
For all levels of PSP users

Creating Your Own Webset
1. Border Background
2. Link Buttons
3. Header Graphic
Beginners Tutorials - for creating a
Webset for use on your webpages.

Cropping, Resizing, and Exporting
Digital Images

A Beginners Tutorial - getting your
Digital images from Scanners, Cameras,
etc ready for the Internet.

Animated Neon Text
For Beginners

Paint Shop Pro 7 Beginner/Intermediate Tutorials
Try these tutorials once you know the basics.

Christmas Stocking! *Holiday Tutorial*
Beginner/Intermediate - Vectors

Masked Background

Vector Tulip Shape
Beginner/Intermediate - Vectors
Creating, Editing and Exporting
Vector Shapes

Rose in Mirror
AlphaChannels, Deformation
Tool, Layer Blend Modes

Transparent GIFs

Snappy Tiles
Seamless Background Tiles
Using Tubes & Snap to Grid

Page Turner
Taking an animation frame into Paint Shop Pro 7
as a stand-alone image

Page Turner ~ 2001
Variation of my original
Page Turner Tut
Taking Frames from Animation Shop
into PSP7 for a stand alone image.

Basic Vector Text
Vector Text, Layers,
& Properties

Vector Curved Text
Bezier Lines &
Vector Shapes

Converting HTML to PDF
For tutorial writers.

Special Effects
PSP7 Effects

Paint Shop Pro 6 Tutorials- These tutorials also can be used with Paint Shop Pro 7

Umbrella Animation

Teddy Bear

Masked Effects
Working with Masks

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