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PSP 7 Cropping, Resizing, and Exporting Digital Images
For PSP Beginners

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For this tutorial, you will need a digital photo - you can use one that you scanned or one from a digital camera. Use any photo on your hard drive.

1. First things first, File>SAVE AS then choose .psp as the file type. A good option is to keep all your photos in a separate folder on your hard drive to keep them organized.

2. When digital images are scanned or are imported from a digital camera, they are usually much too large (in physical size and in file size) for viewing on the Web.

Here is a smaller sized example of the image I am going to use for this tutorial. First let's crop the image to delete any excess space around the subject.

Click the CROP Tool crop tool and drag a cropped selection around the area in your photo you want to keep. The edges of the bounding box can be easily edited by dragging the edges outward or inward.

using psp7 for cropping resizing and exporting

Once you are satisfied with the crop selection - click "Crop Image" on the Tool Options Palette. Viola! Your image is cropped.

3. Now let's resize. Click Image>RESIZE and the dialog box will appear. I like resizing by Percentage settings. Once the % is adjusted, you will see the pixel size change automatically too (even though it will be grayed out.)

Take a look at the bottom right corner of the workspace. You should see the current dimensions of your image.

current dimensions

When you click OK, the image will be resized. Check the bottom corner for the new dimensions.


resize dialog box

NOTE: Does your image look a bit smaller than you thought it should? It could be because you might be seeing a zoomed out view of the image. Click View>NORMAL VIEWING 1:1 to see the exact view of your image.

If you find that the image is still too large, don't resize a second time. Click Edit>UNDO and then try the resize again, using a smaller % setting. Resizing an image too many times will also diminish details of the image.

4. Lastly, let's export the image as a .jpg file. Click File>Export>JPG OPTIMIZER.

And that is it. Click to see my final image.

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