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Rose in Mirror ~ Part 2

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This is a BEGINNER'S TUTORIAL, but assumes knowledge of the PSP 7 color palette. If you need help with the PSP 7 COLOR PALETTE, please Click Here for my tutorial. Tutorial Examples are resized/cropped for easier viewing.

Click here for the ROSE tube used in this tutorial. Download the zip file and unzip the file into your TUBES folder in PSP.

12. Click on the frame layer, Layers> Add new raster layer. Name it "Rose". Click on the TUBE tool. Click the tube menu, and find the Rose.tub in the tube list. Click to select it. Change the scale to 75. Click to add your rose to the canvas.

Rotate the Rose Tube

13. Click the DEFORMATION tool. A editing selection will appear around the rose. Move your mouse over towards the middle of the box, and use the Rotate and Move editing nodes to place the rose in the appropriate position.

Layers of roses

14. Layers> Duplicate to make a copy of the Rose layer. Drag the copied layer to move under the original Rose layer. Hide the original Rose layer, by clicking on the little eye glass icon next to the layer name. Use the MOVER tool to move the Rose Copy slightly up and over to the left. Unhide and hide the original Rose layer to check the position of the copy.

15. Selections> Load from Alpha Channel> choose the selection you saved in step 4. Make sure you are on the Copied Rose layer and Selections> Invert. Click on the DELETE key. Then Selections> Select None.

16. Click on the Layer Blend Mode I chose HARD LIGHT. I also adjusted the opacity of the layer to 80. You can experiment and try it with different Blend Modes or just adjust the opacity and use Normal mode.

Hard Light Layer Blend Mode

17. Click to highlight the original Rose layer, Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow: Vertical(11), Horizontal(0), Opacity(75), Blur(10) - add a Drop Shadow to the mirror frame layer also using a smaller Vertical Offset of 4.

18. Add a background to your image, and click Image> Resize. and save a copy as .jpg

Try other objects for the reflection -- like candles or flower arrangements, and experiment with the Layer Blend Modes. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Final Mirror Rose Image

Thanks for your support! ~debbieT~

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