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PSP6 Furry Teddy Bear - Part 1

Teddy Bear   Teddy Teddy Bear

This tutorial was written for psp'ers who already have a good working knowledge of PSP 6.

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Two zip files available for this tutorial: Teddy Selection and Teddy Brushes. After unzipping, save the file "teddy_whole.sel" into a folder that you will easily remember later. Save the "teddy_brushes.Jbr" in your PSP/Brushes folder.

If you would like to make your "Teddy Selection" and Template all on your own, Click Here.

Flood Fill Brown

1. Create New Image - 500 x 500 Transparent.

2. SELECTIONS > LOAD FROM DISK - Navigate to the folder that you saved your Teddy selection in. Click the OPEN button, and the Teddy Bear selection should appear on your blank image.

3. Choose a medium brown for your FOREGROUND COLOR. Click the FLOOD FILL tool, and fill the selection with brown. Keep selected.

Brush Options Box   Choose Custom

4. Change the FOREGROUND COLOR to a lighter shade of brown/tan.
Click the PAINT BRUSH tool. In the Tool Options Box, click the BRUSH TYPES button (see example above). In the drop-down menu, choose CUSTOM.

Custom Brush Dialog

Find the 5 Fur Brushes in the Custom Brush Dialog Box. If the brushes are not there, then use the Browse button to navigate to the folder where you saved them. Choose one of the large brushes.

Starting the Paint

5. Start clicking (not dragging) the paint brush inside the bear selection. Fill the whole bear with the brush clicks. Don't worry at this point about painting outside the lines, the selection marquee will keep all the strokes inside. After you have painted the whole bear, remember to SAVE your image.

Onto Part 2

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