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PSP 7 Creating a Web Set
Part Three - Header Text Graphic

This Beginner's tutorial includes creating a Border Background, Link Buttons, and a Header Text graphic for your webpage. It does not include any HTML instruction. For more information on HTML, try our course at LVSOnline.

Please SAVE your files often!

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All set to create the matching Header Text Graphic for your webpage? This one will be pretty easy compared to all the work you did with the buttons and background!

Unzip the tutorial's header_shape.zip file into the folder where the other matching psp images are saved. Remember where you saved it. The file will be used in Step 7.

1. Create a New Canvas. 500x200 Transparent Background. Save your image as heading.psp file.

2. Make sure the Fur Tile image file we created from the border background is still open on your workspace.

3. This is where you can use your own creativity. Change the Background/Fill color to what YOU would like to see as your fill - either the golden yellow or the blue Fur Tile pattern. Or maybe just plain blue. If you want a Stroke for your text, then choose a color for the Foreground color swatch. If not, choose NULL.

4. Using the same process as when text was added to the button, add TEXT to your canvas. See Step 13 in the Link Buttons tutorial.

5. Add an Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow.

6. On the Layer Panel, hide the Text Layer. Add a New Raster Layer - name it "shape" and move it to the bottom of the Layer Panel.

7. Click Selections>LOAD FROM DISK. Navigate to the header_shape.sel file you unzipped earlier. (from zip file.) Click OPEN. The selection will appear on the canvas.

8. Choose a Foreground/Fill color for your Shape. I chose the Fur Tile pattern. It is your choice! Use the Flood Fill Tool to fill the selection.

Click Selections>SELECT NONE.

9. Apply an Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow to the shape.

10. Add a New Raster Layer to the bottom of the Layer Palette - name it "background". Flood Fill with the solid blue color.

11. Crop, Save, and Export as .JPG file.

You are finally DONE! You can use your webset with your own HTML code or with an editor like Front Page, Dreamweaver, or the Page Builder from a free host like Tripod or GeoCities.

Here is a page that I created with my final images.

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