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Paint Shop Pro 7 Beginner Tutorial
Color Palette & Text ~ Part 2
Color, Textures, Gradients, and Text
Beginner PSP 7.

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click to reverse colors

10. Let's add some text to our canvas. ADD new layer.

Click the reverse arrow to switch the top and bottom style swatches. Now, click the reverse arrow for the Texture swatches. Click on the TEXT tool icon. In the tool options box, Width(2), and thin line style. Move your mouse curser over to our canvas, and click once. The Text Dialog box appears.

Text Dialog Box

11. First choose a FONT -- I used Arial Rounded, size 100. Pick a bold, solid font. Next is the style and texture area. In the style area, the STROKE(outline) and FILL can be changed in the same way that the color palette can be changed. Same as in the Texture area. For this text, we will leave the colors and textures as is. Choose Floating. Now, type in your text. If you need to check how it will look on your canvas, click the Proof button. Click OK.

12. Add a Drop Shadow -- Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow: Vertical/Horizontal(4), Opacity(95), Blur(12), Color(Black). And you're done!!! Note: I also added a custom line shape to my image below.

Dis Dat Example Image

Thanks for your support! ~debbieT~
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