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Advice for Paint Shop Pro Newbies
Are you a beginner to Paint Shop Pro (PSP)?

I have received so many emails from people just beginning to learn Paint Shop Pro. I think it is fantastic that there are so many newbies out there! But at the same time, I realize it is frustrating and a little intimidating to try to understand a totally new program.

I think that the best advice I could give to a Paint Shop Pro beginner would be to join an email group at Yahoo Groups. You will find helpful hints & answers to your problems. You'll also get an encouraging pat on the back when you share your creations with the group. Lots of groups offer a weekly tutorial or challenge, and some offer archives to past tutorials.

After you worked for hours to create something you are so proud of, it is great to receive a bunch of emails from other group members telling you how good you did! It goes both ways too! You can ooh and ahh over other member's projects too, and learn from the many interpretations of one tutorial.

I searched at Yahoo Groups for Paint Shop Pro and PSP.

Look at several groups closely. Check out the group's outside web site if they have one. Take note of the number of members and how many emails are send per month. If you don't have lots of time, a busy group with 2000+ emails a month might not be the group for you.

Just remember if you have a dial-up connection, most groups will have attachments along with the emails, so you might have to allow extra download time for each message. Also, keep your anti-virus program up to date. That is a necessity in today's virus crazy times!

Make sure you read the group's description and make sure you can adhere to any requirements. After joining, read the Welcome Email the group sends you. It might have important rules and regulations.

To narrow your search, here are a few Paint Shop Pro groups at Yahoo that I found:

Here are some additional Paint Shop Pro web sites that might be interesting:

Stay away from these groups or sites:

When web sites or email groups tutorials from Paint Shop Pro tutorial authors, they are breaking copyright rules. Don't support these kind of groups. Support the good people that write the tutorials that you enjoy. If this kind of theft keeps happening, the Paint Shop Pro tutorial authors will become discouraged and take down their tutorials! Don't let this happen! Stay away from web sites and groups like this!

Signatures For You - This group has stolen at least one of my tutorials, and other tutorials from other authors. Do not support her! Please do your part to stop tutorial theft!

Good luck to all of you! I hope you have lots of fun learning Paint Shop Pro!

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