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DisDat Designs Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial
Rose in Mirror ~ Part 1

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This is a BEGINNER'S TUTORIAL, but assumes knowledge of the PSP 7 color palette. If you need help with the PSP 7 COLOR PALETTE, please Click Here for my tutorial. Tutorial Examples are resized/cropped for easier viewing.

1. Decide what color scheme you would like for your image - I am using PURPLE. Create a new transparent image> 500x500.

2. Add a new layer (Layers> New Raster Layer) ~ name it "Frame".

3. Click the SELECTION tool, ELLIPSE, Anti-Alais CHECKED. Create the shape of your mirror. Change the first Style color swatch to solid color White/No texture (see Color Palette Tutorial if more details are needed). Click the FLOOD FILL tool, and fill the selection with white.

Mirror Frame Selected

4. Selections> Modify> Contract> 15 or 20 (your choice); Click Selections> Save to ALPHA CHANNEL. Leave as default info in alpha channel dialog box, click OK, click OK again. Then click the Delete key on your keyboard (or Edit> Clear) to clear the white fill inside the selection. This makes the shape of frame for the mirror.

5. Selections> Select None ~ Selections> Select All. ~ Selections> Float. The white frame will now be selected.


Sculpture Mirror Frame

6. You can use a Blade Pro preset for the color of the frame, or click Effects> Texture Effects> Sculpture. I chose #47 Pattern -- below are my settings. ***Note: Don't worry about choosing a Pattern that doesn't match the color scheme for your mirror. We will use the colorize effect to fix that.

If you haven't already done so, SAVE your image as .psp extension. If you plan on opening your image in previous versions of psp, then click on the options button, and choose the appropriate compatibility.


7. If your mirror frame isn't the color of your choice, click Colors> Colorize. Adjust the levers: Hue is the color, Saturation is how bright (or saturated) that color is going to be. For my shade of purple: Hue(199) & Saturation(139).


8. Click on the bottom layer in the layer palette. Layers> Add new Raster Layer. Name it "Glass"

9. Selections> Select None. Then Selections> Load from Alpha Channel> choose the selection you saved in step 4. Selections> Modify> Expand> 2

10. You can use a Blade Pro preset, or another Sculpture Effect for this step, but I am going to use a Glacier Pattern Flood Fill. Change the Background color to white. Change the Style Foreground Pattern to Glacier> Angle 40, Scale 100 and Foreground Texture to Ocean. (see Color Palette Tutorial if more details are needed) **Note: Make sure to check the "Lock" setting on the color palette.

11. Click the FLOOD FILL tool and RIGHT-CLICK to fill the selection with white. LEFT-CLICK to fill with the Glacier Pattern. You might want to click two times if you want the glass to be darker. I also colorized my glass with a lower saturation of purple. SAVE your image.


Onto Part 2

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